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Hello All Fellow Preservationists,

We have a preservation emergency on our hands!  Signs have been posted at the historic Hillside Cemetery at 900 Nevada Street stating that disinterment of bodies will begin on September 30, 2016.  Below is an explanation of what is happening and then a call to action and things you can do to help prevent this ultimate disrespectful act toward of our founding fathers.  Please read and share! If you don't like to read, watch this video!

Reno's historic 1869 Hillside Cemetery has been owned by Sierra Memorial Gardens since 1993. They own the land in between the plots and the burial plots themselves have their own assessor's parcel numbers and are owned by the individual families. Many of these deeds have not been updated in over 100 years and ownership is difficult to trace.  Some families, however, such as the descendants of the Goulds and Peckhams are very involved and aware of the numerous attempts over the years to develop the cemetery. 

Sierra Memorial Gardens has never maintained the cemetery and are now citing NRS 451.070 and calling for disinterment and relocation of human remains because the cemetery is blighted, even though their lack of care is what has caused the blight.  They are calling this a "restoration" project, but they have plans to prepare this prime real estate for redevelopment at a huge profit. Signs have been posted at the cemetery stating disinterment may begin as early as September 30, 2016.  Their plans are to move the hundreds of bodies (800+) buried in the south end of the cemetery to the north end of the cemetery which is on the other side of the road. (10th/Floral Ave.) There is not room for everyone without mass communal graves.

Disinterment and relocation of the remains of our founding fathers is not a cemetery "restoration" project. This is about financial gain, not restoration.  Hillside Cemetery is the final resting place of many notable and important founders of the Truckee Meadows including the Peckhams, Plumbs, Marshs, Mayberrys, Goulds, Browns, George Cassidy who was in the House of Representatives, 5 former Reno Mayors including the famous E.E. Roberts, veterans of the Civil War, Spanish American War, Mexican American War and even the Florida War are all buried here. Many of these people dug our irrigation ditches, farmed the land, planned and built our infrastructure, bridges and roads, developed our government, led us through trying times and made Reno what it is today.  We would have no city without their hard work and dedication. Now, to move them because they are in the way of the financial gain of a couple of individuals is a despicable act. To call this a "restoration" project is even worse.

While NRS 451.070 may give Sierra Memorial Gardens the right to disinter remains if the cemetery is deemed blighted, (who deems it blighted anyway??) they still have a legal issue on their hands trying to reclaim the burial plots which are privately owned and deeded real estate. Hawkins Holdings, LLC, the developer, tried to introduce an amendment to a cemetery bill in the 2015 legislature that would allow them to take the land once the bodies were removed without having to file a quiet title action on each burial plot. This amendment was called The Grave Robber's Amendment by the legislators and did not pass. They will likely return to the legislature this next session in an attempt to introduce legislation which appears more "tasteful" and will allow them reclaim this land for development. The scary part for me is that they could conceivably remove the bodies since they already apparently have the right to do this, and then not get the right to reclaim the burial plots.  What a mess that would be.  There are evidently some issues with the health department and removing diseased bodies, but they don't seem to be worried about that.  There are cases of anthrax and many other plagues that exist there.  Those spores can live for hundreds of years. The Health Department claims their permits are all in place and I guess the blowing dirt full of anthrax spores is of no concern to them.

Hillside Cemetery has been maintained, cleaned and weeded by a a small group of dedicated volunteers for several years and is not considered "blighted" by many.

What can you do to help??

Share this youtube video far and wide:

Go onto Governor Sandoval's website and email him and ask him to intervene to stop this disinterment of an important cultural and heritage site.

Write to the state legislator whose territory includes Hillside Cemetery.  That is Amber Joiner.  She is already outraged but she needs to hear from people!
There appear to be some major missteps already with Hillside's interpretation of state law.  They are citing NRS 451.070 which gives them the right to disinter if the cemetery is deemed blighted, but apparently the county is the one who must deem it blighted and they haven't done that yet.  Where is the public process?

Call Congressman Mark Amodei's office at 775-686-5760 and ask to speak to a constituent representative.  Let them know the families of the deceased have not been informed about the disinterment!

Email the Mayor and the council members of Reno and tell them to speak out against this. 

Mayor Hillary Schieve
Oscar Delgado Ward 3
Jenny Brekhus Ward 1
Naomi Duerr Ward 2
Paul McKenzie Ward 4
Neoma Jardon Ward 5

Attend a meeting of the Historical Resources Commission on Thursday September 22 at 3:00 pm in the McKinley Parks and Recreation Building at 925 Riverside Drive Reno, NV 89503. The developer and cemetery owner will be there.

Call the Washoe County Health Department at 775-328-2400 and tell them you are concerned about the spread of anthrax and other contagious diseases with the disinterment.

Contact Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation at 775-440-1495 or visit their website at

Make a donation to help them raise funds to fight this.  Donations can be mailed to HCPF 15070 Vega Street Reno, NV 89521.  HCPF is a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible.

Call the office of the owner/developer who are calling this disinterment a cemetery "restoration" project at  877-247-4662 and let them know that you will be speaking out against them publicly.

This will be covered on News 4 and in the RGJ.  Public outcry is the only thing that is going to stop this!  HCPF is prepared to raise funds to purchase the cemetery and restore it into an interpretive heritage park.

EVENTS & investigations
Here you will find news of past and upcoming investigations.
  1. Gold Hill Hotel Miners Cabin
    18 DEC, 2015 FINISHED
    Gold Hill Hotel Miners Cabin
    The team stayed here for 2 nights but not much evidence was gathered at this location outside of Virginia City, NV. Just one photo of a mist forming in the back bedroom. Surprisingly, contrary to how it looked on the outside, it was fairly nice and comfortable on the inside. Definitely plan on another stay.
  2. Old Washoe Club
    8 JAN, 2016 FINISHED
    Old Washoe Club
    We conducted a 12 hour investigation here at the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV. Starting at 6pm and going to 6am, it was quite the night in one of the most renowned and haunted buildings in the country. We had more experiences than we can shake a stick at and came out with some solid evidence.
  3. Old Washoe Club 2
    5 MAR, 2016 FINISHED
    Old Washoe Club 2
    Round 2 of the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV. Was not very active and minus the sounds of parties outside pouring in to the buildings, it was a very quiet and uneventful.
  4. Del Oro Theatre
    20 MAR, 2016 FINISHED
    Del Oro Theatre
    The historic Del Oro Theatre and its iconic spire located in Grass Valley, CA was built in 1941 and renovated in 1993 adding extra seating and screens. Looking forward to this overnight investigation.
  5. Tuolumne County Museum
    2 APR, 2016
    Tuolumne County Museum
    Located in Sonora, CA this was originally the jail built in 1857 and burned down in 1865 in a fire set by a prisoner. Using salvaged material, the new jail on this site was rebuilt in 1866 and used until1961. Very privileged to investigate this site since no one has ever been allowed to do so.
  6. Fort Churchill
    16 APR, 2016
    Fort Churchill
    Located just outside of Silver Springs, Nevada built in 1861 to protect early settlers. It was abandoned 9 years later.
  7. The Dake House
    29 APR, 2016
    The Dake House
    Located in Genoa, NV near Carson City, NV. The Dake House was built in 1872 by the local Undertaker, C.W. Dake and now is home to Antiques Plus.
  8. Hillside Cemetery Cleanup
    3 SEPT, 2016
    Hillside Cemetery Cleanup
    Help save Hillside Cemetery by joining volunteers every Saturday at 8:00 AM at 900 Nevada St. Reno, Nevada to cleanup and maintain the oldest cemetery in the Truckee Meadows.
  9. Goldfield Days Food Booth
    31 JUL-2 AUG, 2016
    Goldfield Days Food Booth
    We will be working with Polkadot Confections helping the with their food booth for the Goldfield Days celebration in Goldfield, NV.
  10. Eureka County Cemetery Cleanup
    NOV, 2016
    Eureka County Cemetery Cleanup
    During our return trip to Eureka, Nevada, we will be taking some time out of our investigation to cleanup the county cemetery. Please feel free to come join us for a few hours and do some volunteer cleanup and maintenance.
  11. Jackson House Hotel
    17-19 JUN, 2016
    Jackson House Hotel
    Located in Eureka, NV, the Jackson House was built in 1877, destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1880.
  12. Eureka Opera House
    18 JUN, 2016
    Eureka Opera House
    Located in Eureka, NV, the Opera House was built in 1880 and seen it's own drama involving fire.
  13. Eureka Motel/Cafe & Tunnels
    17 JUN, 2016
    Eureka Motel/Cafe & Tunnels
    Originally built in 1873, this building has served many purposes through history. The Chinese Tunnels below have caused some controversy about who actually did build them.
  14. Colonnade Hotel
    17 JUN, 2016
    Colonnade Hotel
    Located in Eureka, Nevada, the Colonnade Hotel, said to have been built in 1880, became vacant from 1890 to 1930 and had links to prohibition in the form of a still that was once in the basement.
  15. Malarkey Bar aka Keyhole Bar
    18 JUN, 2016
    Malarkey Bar aka Keyhole Bar
    Beginning as a lumberyard in the mid 1800's then a butcher shop in the 1900's, the Malarkey Bar, recently renamed from the Keyhole Bar that sits directly between The Jackson House and Opera House is said to have ghostly activity of its own.
  16. Tuolumne County Museum Round 2
    3 SEPT, 2016
    Tuolumne County Museum Round 2
    A follow up investigation to the one that we conducted here in April of 2016. Great first trip and excited to return.
  17. Truckee Old Jail Museum
    1 OCT, 2016
    Truckee Old Jail Museum
    Used from 1875 to 1964, this jail survived many fires due to its sturdy construction and is one of very few remaining 19th century jails in the west still standing.
  18. Jackson House Hotel 2
    NOV, 2016
    Jackson House Hotel 2
    A follow up investigation of our trip in June.

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