​gold hill & silver queen hotels
​Virginia city, nv

​Back bedroom of the Miners Lodge at the Gold Hill Hotel and Yellow Jacket Mine. We believe this to be a mist like anomaly that was seen forming over the bed.
Close up of mist like anomaly seen forming over the bed.
​Some of our investigators satying in room 11 of the Silver Queen Hotel. Near the end of the video, a womans voice was captured.

​old washoe club 1 & 2
​virginia City, NV

​This anomaly at the lower left was captured at the foot of the famous spiral staircase where the Lady in Blue is known to be seen.
​Close of the anomaly at the staircase.
​An anomaly that we could not explain between the 2 investigators in this room. Taken on the 3rd floor in room 12 aka The Red Room.
​Taken while doing an EVP session in the museum section. Right when this photo was taken, a strong smell of perfume passed through where we were sitting and an investigator was touched on the hand.
​Ball being used as a trigger object for the entity of a young girl who was very active.
​The ball was found moved a couple inches several hours after placing it on the X.
Taken in the museum area facing the crypt. Would usually toss this out due to the look of dust. It was the mist form beneath it is why we present it,
​At the entrance to the kids room on the 3rd floor. Captured this light anomaly moving through the door.
​Taken after the previous photo from the same spot, the anomaly continued through the door and into the room.
​Taken by one of our invesigators from the doorway. All is quiet and nothing out of place.
This was taken less than 10 seconds after the previous photo. Not a huge believer in orbs but this was a weird and drastic change in the atmosphere over a quick period of time.
​Light manipulation taking place near a trigger object. We believe this to be that of the young girl. The manipulation lasted around 30 minutes before stopping.
Another view of the night manipulation taking place from the static night vision camera.
​Video taken in the 2nd floor ball room. We had 4 of our investigators sleeping or laying down in here at around 2am while the rest of us were investigating the 3rd floor. The first you will hear is that of what sounds like a woman crying or moaning which we heard at least 5 times that night. Soon after, a male voice is heard which sounds like it is directly next to the camera.
An EVP captured during a Spirit Box session. We believe it says "go"....... "away".

​del oro theatre
​Grass valley, ca

​Taken in the rafters of the Del Oro Theatre. The anomaly on the right side we could not debunk as dust since dust can be seen throughout the photo.
​Blown up picture of the anomaly.
​Investigators doing a Spirit Box session in the projection booth. The investigator was asking that if the entity wished for them to leave to do something to let them know. The response we heard was "alright". Turn up volume.
​In the main theater on stage an investigator peaks behind the curtain checking a camera setup. As he walks away and down the stairs, a voice is heard saying "curtain". Turn up volume.
​Investigators doing a Spirit Box session in the projection booth. They heard foot steps coming up the stairs and called over the radio to verify where other team members were. When they responded letting them know they were in a whole other section of building. As the investigators get up and walk out to investigate the noise a female voice is heard that sounds like "help" and several seconds later a male saying "sit down". Turn up volume.
​Audio of the voice saying "curtain". This is much clearer due to another recorder being closer to the source. We do not believe that this was from the Spirit Box since that recorder did not pick up the word but the recorder back stage did and was much louder.
​Investigators conducting an EVP session on the main stage. While taking pictures and asking for the entity to make any noise, a clack-clack is heard from back stage. We can verify nobody was back there due to a camera setup back stage. Turn up volume.
​This male voice was recorded from the Sprirt Box in the projection booth while nobody was near the room. Not sure what it says.
​Audio of the clack-clack from back stage.
​This was a sweep of the Spirit Box with what sounds like a female voice talking through 60 frequency sweeps at 1/10 of a second per sweep.
​As an investigator steps forward, a self illuminating strobe orb is seen moving down his leg. We usually toss out orb photos and video but this had its own light and this area is kept extremely clean due to the sensitive equipment in here.

​fort churchill
​silver springs, nv

​This was caught while investgators were standing near the Headquarters of the Fort. Not sure what is being said.
​While investigating at the cemetery, many greetings, responses and audible sounds and voices were heard. This is one of many.
​Several times throughout the weekend during the night, team members heard the sound of rifle or cannon fire. No gun shots actually took place anywhere within the valley at these times. This was a recording catching those sounds.
​Another greeting caught at the cemetery.
​During this occurance we were at the cemetery in the back. At first, one investigator hears footsteps then another hears them and reacts. Very heavy foot falls like running very close to us. No footsteps were caught on audio but a voice was when asking who is there. *WARNING* Graphic Language
 ​While walking from the Fort Hospital to the Ammunition Storage, the investigator was tapping the mic when a voice is caught.
​This was a very loud, audible knock that was caught on audio in response to our questions.
​While most of the team was conducting a session with the Spirit Box at the Cemetery when this came through. There is audio that will be posted from a closer recorder but it was also heard from across the Cemetery. We believe it to be in response of an investigator taking pictures.
​We were just beginning a session at the Cemetery when this sentence was recorded. The recorder was just turned on and the investigator was still messing with their pack.
​While investigators were walking from the Storehouses to the Hospital, they were discussing the history and state of the Fort. This EVP was in direct response to an investigators statement.
​During a session at the Cemetery, activity was happening in another section involving noises and EMF hits in response to questions. An investigator was walking away when a recorded voice was caught.
​Investigators were doing a session at a storehouse when audible footsteps and tapping was heard and shortly after one investigator saw a shadow pass a window and the 2 went in pursuit. A voice was heard by an invetigator while in route to the area of the shadow but it wasn't known what was said until later review.
​This was recorded by 2 investigators at the Fort Headquarters. While trying to understand why a childs presence would be there, we had to remember that the Officers Quartes were right next door and their families would be living with them at times.
​This was recorded about a minute into the start of a session at the Fort/Buckland Family Cemetery. 2 investigators were present and the next closest person was another investigator several hundred yards away alone at the Fort. We believe it says "Pass it over here" but if anyone hears different, let us know.
​When first walking up on the Fort Guardhouse, a whisper was heard from directly in front of 2 investigators faces. Originally believed to be the 3rd member talking, they asked him only to find he had continued on sweeping the rear of the Guardhouse. The 2 investigators began a hurried equipment setup when the whisper was recorded but not heard. Cannot identify what it is saying.

tuolumne county museum
sonora, california

This is a full compilation of all evidence we gathered at the Tuolumne County Museum.

jackson house hotel
eureka, nevada

Spirit Box Sessions
With an understandable controversy regarding the Spirit Box, we leave these to you for your own interpretation.

"I'm Gonna Get Ya"
"Why is the lighton?"
"Please don't ask"

DVR Clip, Watch Camera 3

Orbs are generally easily explained away in our opinion but this capture on camera 3 seems to create its own light. Just prior to this anomaly at the end of the bar, something is seen moving quickly from left to right that was not created by an outside source. We have several recordings of lights from outside shining in and it is very obvious when they do.

more jackson house video & audio coming soon!!!

eureka motel & cafe
eureka, nevada

Loud bang from an unidentified source that happened behind the lone upstairs investigator.
Unidentified yell and loud bang that occurred upstairs while the investigator was alone.
More unidentified bangs upstairs. No investigators were in the building at this time.
"Did you hear that?"
Spirit Box Session in Tunnels with lone Investigator
Large black mass captured on photo in a well lit room. The "orbs" are dust! Taken in the bar area.

eureka opera house
eureka, nevada

Unidentified yell in auditorium. This was heard and recorded several times throughout the night.